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Kabuter Khopi, Mirtola, Chakulia
(Pic: The Road View Of Kabuter Khopi)
Mirtola-Kabuter Khopi is a well-renowned village in Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal, India that comes under Chakulia Block. The village has one of the best geographical location that receives adequate rainfall and is in the south of district town, Raiganj. The village is equipped with electricity facility and PMGSY metalled road for good transportation system between local town i.e., Kishanganj, Islampur, Raiganj, etc.Since history, it is well known for the educated, job holder, laborious farmers and politically hit inhabitants.The population is entirely comprising of Sunni Muslims. The village has touched the zenith point in the field of cultural and traditional view.

✹ Photos Of This Village:
(Maize Farming)
Mohd Talat Aziz, Kabutar Khopi, Kabuter Khopi, Mirtola
  • (Pic: Aerial View Of kabuter Khopi)

The Village has two Mosques, among which one is known for its Tablighi Jama'at works i.e., Jame Masjid. However, the presence of two Mosques cannot be construed to mean the existence of any differences among the villagers. It is due to the population distribution of the village that led to the construction of another mosque, can be called as " Chhoti Masjid". To show the brotherhood, all the inhabitants perform the Friday Salah in the Jama Masjid, which is the oldest one.
There are primarily three shops in this village. These are:

1. Maimoona Store:

(Pic; Maimoona store view)
Owner: Meraz Quasmi (Guddu)
  • Grocery goods
  • Gifts
  • Electrical appliances
  • Watch
  • Cosmetics
  • Households

2. Hardware & Fertilizers:

Owner: Shahid Reza
  • Hardware materials
  • Fertilisers

3. M.M Store:

(pic: M.M. Store View)
Owner: Mehboob Alam
  • Grocery goods
  • Recharge
  • Petrol
  • Limited Hardware accessories

The people of this village have launched a Trust for free education (or with nominal fee for those who can afford) in the form of Maktab named as " Maktab Husania". The maktab has about 100 students (comprising both boys and girls), getting the Islamic knowledge and basics of Urdu and Maths. The Maktab is now under the supervision of Hafiz Md. Daud. As an intellectual person, he uses the various methods for teaching the students. He is also our Imam in Jame-Masjid. -Masjid.
This Maktab is not restricted only upto Muslim children , Hindu children from nearby village are also coming for taking education. 

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Kabutar Khopi Junior High School:
Kabutar khopi jr high school

K.khopi Jr. High School is a government funded institution in Mirtola, Kabuter Khopi that is managed to provide free higher education(upto class-VIIIth level) to the children of this villa and the students from neighbouring village are also coming for getting this opportunity... The School has well furnished classrooms and well experienced teachers and has one big playground infront of it,where the inhabitants of Mirtola shares with its nearby villa for playing different games.. .....

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Village Homeo Clinic

Umra Homeo Clinic
Treatment: Fever, Jaundice, General and Specialist in Stone treatment
Contact: 7872820824

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